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This site is still under heavy construction!


August 5th, 2020: site creation.

August 8th, 2020: about page created.

September 2020: site layout finanlized. Song lyrics and other content created on Notepad, not yet live on the site.

November 3rd, 2020: After taking a break from working on the site for a little over a month, I'm back and working out some issues with the site layout and format of the song database. I actually have a good amount of content done and saved in my notepad, it's just a matter of putting it all together on the site in the proper format.

November 4th, 2020: As of today, the about page and the song database index page are live on the site. So far, only one song database page is "completed" and live. I put completed in quotes because there are more performance links I could add and possibly more information, but that page is a good model for how future song database pages will look. I'm going to try to get as many pages done today as possible, then start on the group profiles. I will also make a site guide at some point to make things easier to find.

November 5th and 6th, 2020: Song Database index has been filled out and song database pages have been created and formatted. I'm going to work on the content of the pages and add them to the site as soon as I'm finished. I'm aiming to get at least a few done each day, hopefully more if I have the time. Stay tuned, and don't forget to give the site a follow or a bookmark if you're interested in keeping up with it. You can read the About page to get a better idea of what this site is all about and if you have information to contribute please email juchejams@gmail.com.

November 7th-10th, 2020: As of right now I have 11 song database pages filled out and linked on the song database index page. I'm going through each of the songs listed and trying to complete at least a couple a day, more if I have the time. I also plan on re-working the about page and putting a little bit of content under each of the menu pages so visitors can get an idea of what is to come while the site is under construction. Once the site is more complete, the updates will be moved elsewhere and a site guide will be here on the main page to make it easy to know where to find the content you're looking for. A guestbook will soon be added so there's a place for visitors to comment on the site. Of course, you are free to email me suggestions, corrections, etc.

November 24th, 2020: For personal reasons, I haven't been able to update the site much but I do have some content done that I need to format and add to the site. Today I worked on the 'Common Terms' page and that is now live on the site. I also started work on the member profiles for the Moranbong Band. It will take awhile longer for that to be added, and then I will probably work on the Chongbong Band next.