Juche Jams

Answer of Soldiers 병사들은 대답했네

Music: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 1994

Text: Ryu Dong-ho 류동호

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to track down an English translation for this song so I can't comment too much on the lyrics. From what I can see from Google Translate, the song is a motivational song for soldiers about returning the love and loyalty your country shows you. The Moranbong Band instrumental version is particularly impressive. If you like the Moranbong Band's version of "Tansume" or "Horse Hooves on Mt. Paektu" you will enjoy this one as well.


State Merited Chorus

Date unknown. Unlike the other performances linked here, this one is not instrumental. I haven’t yet been able to find an English translation of this song so if you are able to translate it email me and I’ll be sure to credit your work on this page.

Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble

1995. A more “pop” sounding version of the song with vocals. This version also features State Merited Chorus-esque backup vocals.

Moranbong Band

04.25.2013. It’s so cool to hear the unique spin the Moranbong Band puts on older songs, especially in their instrumental pieces. Compare this with the State Merited Choir version.

English Lyrics

None yet, email me at juchejams@gmail.com if you have an English translation of this song.

Korean Lyrics

노도치는 철의 대오 근위사단 행군길에
경애하는 그이 병사들을 찾으셨네
동무들 싸움에 자신있는 가고
장군님 다정히 물어보실 때
병사들은 모두 승리한다 대답했네

나의 병사 볼때면 힘이 난다 하시는
장군님 우러러 병사들은 말씀드렸네
장군님 건강은 우리의 승리
장군님 안녕은 우리의 운명
병사들은 모두 간절히 말씀드렸네

군단포의 뢰성인들 이보다 더 높으랴
승리만을 떨칠 병사들의 힘찬 맹세
조국은 동무들 믿는다 하실 때
병사들 그 영광 받아 안고서
장군님은 우리 조국이라 대답했네

아-... 병사들은 아-... 대답했네
장군님은 장군님은
우리의 조국이라 대답했네