Juche Jams
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Introduction to Juche Jams

This site aims to compile as much information about DPRK music as possible in one place. I wanted to create a resource for DPRK music fans to find information about their favorite song or music group. My first idea and main feature for the site is the Song Database. It is still a work in progress (and probably always will be) but I hope to have at least 100 song database pages filled out by the end of 2020 and there are currently 204 songs listed and I know there are some missing. If I can get all 204 done by the end of the year, even better. I wanted a database where someone could find all the information about a particular song in one place, as well as see all the different performances of that song that are available online. I know this is an ambitious project, and of course YouTube videos disappear all the time, so if you notice a broken link please email me. I will be checking them periodically and I am going to backup videos soon so if they go missing I can reupload them.

Another reason I created this site is because I wanted a place where I could compile all my opinions and thoughts about DPRK music that's not a social media site. Social media doesn't seem to take kindly to any type of positive content regarding North Korea but there's no fear of that here. Aside from the song database, I want to create group profiles of the most prominent DPRK music groups and upload high quality pictures and graphics for others to use either on their site or on social media. Lastly, I want to compile links to various DPRK related resources from all over the internet. For now, my primary focus will be on filling out the song database, but I will take breaks now and then to create other types of content.

Those of you unfamiliar with North Korea might be wondering: what's with the site name? Juche is essentially the official socialist ideology of the DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) and is often the subject of their music, particularly songs that celebrate their ruling political party, the Workers' Party of Korea. I wanted something short and catchy for the site name and Juche Jams came to me pretty quickly. This site's main objective is not to educate people about Juche, or Korean history, or politics, so I recommend seeking out other resources to learn more. I hope to have some linked in the resources section of the site soon.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, or you're curious about it, please give this site a bookmark and check up on it periodically. If you have a neocities account, you can click here to follow my profile and see when I've made an update to the site. Once the site is in a more complete state, I will possibly make accounts on social media to help promote the site. Not 100% sure which sites I will choose, but when I do I will link them somewhere, probably on the main page. Right now it is a bit of a mess since the site is still in "heavy construction" mode but it will be cleaner and more put together later on.

If you have any information, song lyrics, translations, videos, pictures, etc to contribute to the site please email me at juchejams@gmail.com. I will give you full credit for your submission on this site with your name and any website/social media page you would like me to link to.